Art Elephant Project Chiang Rai

“90 art elephants by 90 Chiang Rai artists”

Elephants were commonly found in the northern Thai and have been engaged with Thai Nation for long time.
   In the past, elephants had been trained for combat on the battlefields along with Thai nation.
  In the colonial era, elephants played a vital role in the logging industry such as hauling timbers. Without elephants in the logging industry, these might be found very difficult for those in the past.
  Moreover, white elephants were and are still considered sacred for Thai people, especially the Lanna people. Elephants were also used as a “means of transportation” in the old days. 

Chiang Rai is the city with richness of local artists as it is well-known as the “City of Artists”
(source : “Art Bridge Chiang Rai” – There are more than 264 local artists in Chiang Rai)

Chiang Rai is one of among few cities in Thailand which has 3 National Artists, 
Mr Damrong Wong-Uparaj, Mr Thawan Duchanee, and Mr Chalermchai Kositpipat.
Greenwing and Angelway desires to be a part in developing and supporting Chiang Rai to be recognized as the “City of Artists.” Furthermore, we wish that “Arts” will reach out into the outskirts of Chiang Rai. Therefore, the local artists and communities would have experience together on these Art Elephants and they will also become the inspiration for everyone whom has been reached to.

“Art Elephant Project Chiang Rai” came up with an idea of the “Art Elephants (Elephant sculptures)” painted and are the representative of each local artists who joins this project.

“Art Elephant Project Chiang Rai” is also aim to encourage the new generations for being acknowledge of the importance and existence of Thai elephants and being elephant conservation supporters so elephants will be continually respectable in Thailand.

Although, elephants has not been used as a means of transportation or hauling timbers as in the past, but via the “Art Elephant Project Chiang Rai,” these Art Elephants can still play role of the “Ambassadors of Arts” as the representative of the 90 local Chiang Rai Artists to the Thais and Art admirers.

Kobchai Jitsakula, M.D.
13 March, 2015
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